Tussle, "Entre Chien En Loop"
Video for Tussle's "Entre Chien En Loop" from their 2006 Telescope Mind release on Norway's Smalltown Supersound label. Directed, edited by AC/AC as a sketch for a second video. Warm Water Cove dancer: Robert Spector. Mystery Cave dancers: Tussle, Christine Schmidt, Devendra Banhart, Alissa Anderson, Andy Cabic, and others. Production assistant: Sadie Shaw. On-set music director: Brian Hock. Video was included in the 13th Annual New York Underground Film Festival as part of 'How The West May Save Us Yet' curated by Nick Hallett.

"From Olympia to Los Angeles, musicians and film artists up and down the Pacific coast are getting together to liberate the music video from its status-quo context as self-promotional tool and transform it into a new, confrontational art form, displacing major-label preen with honest, direct address and DIY visual kinesis. Despite having next-to-nothing budgets, production values are way high, and you will be as well." -About the video collection by Artists Television Access